Ecovita, founded in April 1991, is a 100% Brazilian company born to act in the chemical products market for the leather shoe sector. Based on the development of this expertise, it expanded its business to the textile and synthetic laminate sectors.

It is located in an area of 3,000 m˛ in the Industrial Quarter of the city of Novo Hamburgo – RS, and has a branch in Franca – SP, which allows for more agility and efficiency to cover and serve the other regions of the country. Through its own production and the partnership with internationally acknowledged brands, Ecovita offers to its clients a complete range of products.

Ecovita has a modern application laboratory equipped to execute development tests of new products and solutions destined to the domestic and the international markets, and a specialized department to prepare and send samples to clients in Brazil and abroad.

Besides the wide technical assistance, clients can also see how Chemistry comes to life in the company’s Showroom. Based on the respect to human value and to the environment, the reason for Ecovita’s existence for more than 20 years has been to transform inspiration into reality and to offer solutions which allow innovation and growth for our clients and commercial partners.


To serve well the clients and provide good results to all stakeholders: this is the formula to the company’s growth.


To be globally acknowledged for the excellence in the services and delivery of customized chemical solutions, proceeding in a sustainable way and respecting all the interest groups.


To deliver chemical solutions and excellence in services in a customized, sustainable, committed way towards the society and the environment, remunerating capital of all the stakeholders.


  • Credibility and ethics in the relationships
  • Commitment with the development of our human resources
  • Social-environmental responsibility
  • Excellence and dynamism in business
  • Security in the working environment


There is no Chemistry without Nature, and there is no growth without responsibility.

The tripod formed by social, environmental and economic responsibilities is the compass for Ecovita’s business sustainability. The company invests in its personnel’s technical and behavioral development, through courses, lectures, international trips and Endomarketing actions. With the community, we seek to practice the common good, through educational actions that involve recycling batteries and oil, as well as the support to entities.


Through its own production and some partnerships, Ecovita offers its clients a complete range of products, besides having an efficient development and technical assistance team.

The company is concerned with bringing effective solutions, both with improvements or the launching of new articles.




Ecovita has two logistic centers – RS and SP – strategically positioned, and has its own fleet and products for immediate delivery, allowing the provision for all the national demands with maximum agility.

As it is globalized, it is present in various countries, both for imports and exports. COMEX Ecovita permits to offer our clients alternatives that make feasible their business with partners all around the world.


Focus on solutions, reliable services and high quality products. Ecovita counts on an application laboratory and qualified and constantly updated technical personnel to perform tests and develop new products and solutions destined to inspire the domestic and the foreign markets.

It has a specialized department to prepare and send samples to clients in Brazil and abroad.

It is part of the company’s routine to make technical visits to understand in loco the clients’ needs and to start new developments or necessary guidance.

Request a technical visit to our commercial teams. We will be happy to help you!



Ecovita is a strong partner of this multinational company, and is the exclusive products distributor in the Brazilian territory.


With a factory in Holland and joint ventures in India and China, Chemische Fabriek Tri­ade B.V has chosen Ecovita to work with its products in the Brazilian territory, which guarantee high-performance colors and security, in compliance with the new requirements related to restrict substances.


Ecovita is the Brazilian exclusive representative of Siscecam Chemicals Group, from Turkey. Through two companies of the group, Kromsan Leather Chemicals and Soda Sanayii AS, it provides chrome to tanneries in the domestic and direct import markets.


Expert in the production of polyurethanes and all the products for the synthetic laminates fabrication and finishing, Ecovita represents Italian company IMA Srl both for resale in the domestic market and for the direct import for all parts of Brazil.


Ecovita has exclusive commercial teams in Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Săo Paulo, and a consultant in China, with adequate infrastructure and technicians to serve this market.


In sinc with the market, Ecovita takes active part in national and international fairs and events.

The commercial team circulates in the main chemical development centers of the world, looking for the connection between innovations and trends. Its concern is with the total alignment towards its clients, and we perform on the creation stage through technical visits in transformation industries, and participate in class entities to contribute with the constant evolution of the chemicals sector.

Ecovita has a Showroom with its main articles and new products, so that all the clients can see in loco how Chemistry comes to life.


Ecovita has exclusive commercial teams in Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Săo Paulo, and a consultant in China, with adequate infrastructure and technicians to serve this market.

Head Office
Rua André Pinto Rebouças, 121
Bairro Industrial – ZIP Code 93320-530
Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone: +55 51 3587.1820
Email: /

Branch Franca
Rua Achemenides Marques da Silva, 131
Distrito Industrial 1 – ZIP Code 14406-122
Phone/fax: 16 3720.1118

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